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Why you should be using a virtual office in Manchester

  1. Manchester is one of the fastest-growing business centres in the UK, with many international media, IT and software companies choosing to be based there.

Business is booming in Manchester due to this recent influx of companies, which has led to an increased demand for meeting rooms, offices, and contractors/suppliers to relocate to Manchester to service the many opportunities this brings.

Consequently, as demand has rapidly increased for office space, so have rents and costs as supply dwindles, leading companies to often pay a premium just to be based in Manchester.

The smart solution for today’s entrepreneur is to think differently and avoid the ‘herd mentality’ of committing to long-term, excessive and expensive office space by using a virtual office in Manchester.

As an entrepreneur, by using a virtual office in Manchester, you will be implementing a cost-effective solution to growing your business at a fraction of the cost of physical office space.

Using a virtual office in Manchester gives you a bespoke solution for your needs

One of the many benefits a virtual office in Manchester is the flexibility and variety of packages available to suit your needs.

Packages include:-

  • Mail/Postal address
  • Answering service
  • Business address
  • Virtual office

In addition to a virtual office, many ‘add-ons’ can be added to provide a truly bespoke solution for you and your clients, such as:-

  • Meeting Rooms
  • Refreshments
  • Catering/buffets
  • Telephones/VOIP/videoconference facilities
  • Office equipment – e.g. scanners, fax machines, WiFi
  • Shared/dedicated day offices/desk
  • Boardrooms
  • Lockers
  • Showers
  • Lounges
  • Mail forwarding
  • Virtual Personal Assistants

Using a virtual office in Manchester provides an economical solution for you, with an opportunity to grow

By using a virtual office in Manchester, you only have to pay for:-

  1. What you need
  2. What you use

This gives you the commercial advantage in only paying for what you need, so none of your precious cash is tied up in lengthy contracts, finance agreements or in redundant purchases.

Why are you not using a virtual office in Manchester?

Can you really afford not be using a virtual office in Manchester, given all the benefits? :-

  • reduced costs
  • less commitment
  • flexible packages

Although it may be frustrating to be tied into a long-term rental contract for an office that doesn’t suit your needs, or with staff that are not being used efficiently, now you know the benefits of using a virtual office in Manchester.

So, when will you start using a virtual office in Manchester and start saving money, time and efficiency?

The sooner you change, the sooner you will have more time and money to focus on growing your business.

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