Increasing Problems of RAID System and Data Recovery from RAID


With each passing day, more and more people are swapping their drives of the RAID system. But is this type of storage device reliable? Let’s get to know a bit more about how to recover RAID data.

According to IDC Europe forecasts, it is expected that within 2 years approximately 80% of all existing enterprise data centres will be based on RAID technology in data centres.

The reasons for the success of this type of storage are obvious. Compared to a traditional magnetic HD, even a simple RAID system is a lot of time faster to load the operating system, 30% faster to open or copy a large file and its speed of gracing is 10 times faster. They produce much less heat, consume less energy and do not make noise or vibration.

More than 38% of organizations using RAID system have already experienced flaws in their disks and more than 64% of organizations have already lost data recorded on this type of disk. Of the approximately 10 HDs that a normal size company uses, two or one of them may stop working in less than two years of moderate use. As you can see, you should not blindly trust that your data will be safe on this type of device. In case of any inconvenience, do not waste any more time and look for salvage data recovery from the raid in new york city. When shipping your HD to the chosen company, pack the device very well by protecting it with bubble wrap, styrofoam or any material that absorbs impacts.

The recovery of RAID data is much more complex because each new release, manufacturers use new memory controllers with different algorithms, which record the data in a totally different way from previous versions. Each case has its unique challenges. Professional data recovery companies are always researching, acquiring and developing new technologies for this new challenge.

How to recover RAID data?

Currently, there are technologies for data recovery of various models of different brands of disks that are no longer accessible by a problem in the controller chip.

Exceeding several technological challenges built into each DH, it is possible to access the drive in the mode called “factory mode”, emulating and changing the contents of the memory controller and finally gaining access area of service in the DHs. After these steps, we will be able to rebuild the structure of the RAID system and recover the RAID data in NYC.

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