Why Popcorn Time Is Still Considered A Reliable Option?


Are Popcorn Time’s days of glory about to end? Recently, one of its biggest versions has been shutdown. popcorntime.io, an illegal streaming service shut down only after long disputes between developers. Since, its shut down the website is unavailable, the app has stopped working and its official Twitter account posted its last message a few days ago. Users are now being asked to download Butter which is a legit version of this app. For those who still want to download Popcorn Time you can download the Windows, Mac, Android, IOS and Linux version on http://popcorntime-download.co.uk

What happened to the original Popcorn Time? 

Before the shut down of the main group of the core developers of the original Popcorn Time they did not want to include a paid anonymizingVPN service (Service for watching anonymously), as it could lead to legal problems. Most of the individuals involved with the development of the app and projectbelieved thatsince, this app did not charge its users for any income and they did not earn through it, it was legal. Lawyers however disagree with them. After certain membersquit, the remaining teamtried to keep its website and app functioning; however, they were unable to access the original domain of popcorntime.io.

Before this service was shutdown, the infrastructure and definitely the DNS section were being tampered with.Since, the team was unable to convince their providers that they wish to remain online. Since, the main domain was no longer under their control the core developers deleted the logs thatmight havebeen harmful for other developers.

Most reliableoption

The original Popcorn Time might not come back permanently. The most popular version of Popcorn Time was popcorntime.io since it was approved by the original creators of his streaming service.There are several other forkswhich are still operating, taking into account http://popcorntime-download.co.uk the version hosted at .SE.

One of the main reasons that Popcorn Time gained popularity is owing to the safety it provided compared to its shadier counterparts. In most countries it’s still safe to use Popcorn Time since the providers aren’t willing to work with the government and won’t give up any users.

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