Top trending apps that you might like in the year 2017


Since the iPhone was introduced, iOS mobile apps have been considered as the cornerstone for the iOS platform. What matters the most here is not just providing users with smart apps that work best on iPhones but, absolute value addition that can bring the greater easiness and mobile accessibility that was previously not possible.

In the quest of catering countless iOS mobile users around the world, the mobile app development industry has reached onto a new horizon that offers millions of applications to the end-users. This is not only resulted in huge consumption of mobile apps but in addition to that, it has raised the bar for the competition. Now app developers think more radically and try to bring something that is completely out of the box. Now going above and beyond users, the expectation has become a norm which is why now mobile users prefer only using top-ranking apps.

There are several industry reports and market research reports that critically assesses and recognized a few selected apps in their list of top trending apps for the year 2017. Let us now quickly get to know the best 2017 iPhone apps as listed by one of the top-ranking iPhone app development company:


Infltr is one of the most dynamic and best in class photo filter app that brings limitless photo filter possibilities to the iPhone app users. After looking at the stats and market trends regarding Infltr, it has been widely observed that the app appealed the photographers’ community to a greater extent. Recently Apple has offered free redeem codes as well for Infltr.


Olli has gone viral over a very short period of time since published on the app store. Olli is a unique and smart app that brings a dynamic look to your everyday photos. The app is highly capable of adding hand-drawn art to any given photo that has appealed numerous iPhone users.


Forest is a unique iPhone app that focuses on community as well as brings a deep sense of Eco-friendliness to its users. The apps functions are pretty simple, all you have to do is what you never do and that’s leaving the phone unused for a specifically required period of time where the app allows a user to grow a tree in the virtual garden. Backed by simplified graphics and smart concept the app has gained significant fame because through the in-app earned coins, users can buy real trees for communities that need them.


AirPano City Book has just started to gain greater fame and high demand for users who want to explore the world in their own style. The app is highly intuitive and features performance that goes above and beyond the expectations. AirPano City Book brings exclusive panoramic views for any given location with a whole new bunch of functional possibilities that its users have started liking.


The last name on the list of top trending apps by iPhone app Development experts is Daylight. It is true that there are a number of apps that provides daylight details with greater accuracy but the unique combination of nautical dawn and dusk with that astrologically inspired design and the interface is something that has appealed a number of users.


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