The Benefits of a Video Management Software


The growth of perimeter and facilities security systems has never been at a much faster rate than it is now. Every now and then, newer and more innovative security solutions are integrated into existing platforms. For businesses who still use analogue systems, it is often difficult to integrate newer technologies. That is why it is important for businesses to either install or upgrade their systems with newer video management software. The benefits will simply be immense. Just look at the following.

  • Better integration with other security systems – Video surveillance cameras can seamlessly have integrated into other security devices to grant or restrict access as well as to better determine situations that warrant a more definitive action. Sensitive and restricted areas of the business can be efficiently monitored and alarms or notifications triggered if certain patterns are interpreted as suspicious. Electrical fences and perimeter intrusion detection and prevention systems can be better enhanced with video systems that are connected to such technologies. To put it simply, a video management system can help in the integration of all other security systems.
  • More efficient management of resources – Video surveillance systems can help create a safer working environment. Employees will feel more productive. They will be compelled to perform to the best of their abilities, make efficient use of their time and the organization’s resources, and observe rules, regulations, and policies of the organization. While it may seem a very mechanistic approach to working, many employees welcome the idea of video surveillance systems.
  • Better prevention of losses – Gone are the days when the best you can get from your video feed is a blurred image of a silhouette. You know there is an intruder but the low-quality video prevents you from identifying the perpetrator. With today’s highly advanced video management software solutions, you can now zoom in on the object of interest and apply some complex algorithms to make the image clearer and the object easily identifiable. This can help prevent significant losses to your business by easily identifying culprits and bringing them to justice. This should be a deterrent to others.
  • Faster processing of security issues – Monitoring video feeds can be tiring even to the highly trained individual. The human body can only be pushed insofar as personal limitations go. Video management solutions can help by processing all of these video feeds at lightning-fast speeds. Additionally, many video recording systems are only activated by certain events such as movements in a particular area. A video management system can process lots of information to provide you with critical issues that can be managed by your respective teams.
  • Remote management of video feeds – One of the most often overlooked benefit of a video management solution is its ability to be accessed from anywhere in the world. You may be attending a business conference in Vienna yet you can still log in to your company’s video security feeds in the US.

There are many benefits of installing a video management software developed by Qognify. And these are just for businesses. There are also for residential homes and other facilities. Nevertheless, the essential benefits are more or less the same.

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