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Are you a startup or small business who requires a prominent online presence? Then a website will be the best tool to where you can reach out to many people or the marketplace. You get to sell business ideas to them. Also webs, it will be an ideal platform to implement digital marketing strategies. What is next, expanded market potential right?

To get started within a short time, and building cutting edge technology, then  Website Builder offered by Ezee Hosting is ideal. It becomes possible to structure your website depending on the nature of your business model. This free Website Builder comes packaged with essential services such as: –

Free Custom domains

At Ezee Hosting, we put priority to care for our clients. A domain is a necessary aspect of the company or business. Additionally, Ezee offers a wide range of extensions in giving you a chance to choose between the ccTLDs or gTLDs packages. We provide close guidance to see your set-up a professional domain name to meet your preferences as well as current market needs. It extends to the formulation of catchy domain names that are brand-able thus contributing to effective marketing strategies. These attention-catching domain names take into consideration the following: –

  • Shortness – short domain names work efficiently since people have ease in when typing the address. Shirt names boost memorability without the need to refer elsewhere. Shortness should either not lead to excluding some letters limiting proper pronunciation. Long domain names at most never work well.
  • A brand-selling title – from the word go, just by mentioning the domain name one should get an idea of your business in their minds. It should be succinct excluding numeric, no hyphenation which might bring along complications.
  • Natural interpretation – research shows that a company whose key business activities can be identified by a; look at the domain name, has sustained more market traffic over time.

On completing domain registration, one can modify DNS settings since they have access. Short intervals of DNS refreshing are quite favourable.

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