Explore the Originality in the Affiliate Marketing Options


Be original. For example, you can create a handwritten advertisement to interest your readership. By doing this, it can help the customer feel more connected to the person selling the product, resulting in increased sales. Your primary goal is to identify your target audience and provide the means to meet their needs, rather than scatter. Be quick to reply to emails from your affiliates

An easy way to lose your affiliates is to not answer their questions in a timely manner or to not reply to their emails at all. This shows that you do not value them, and as there are many affiliate programs, you would lose very good affiliates for the benefit of other companies. With a new thrive themes review the deals come perfectly in this matter.

Give your own tips and tricks

Give your affiliates tips and strategies they can put in place to increase their commissions. These tips are based on the specificities of your site, your business or your products.

Reward your affiliated tops with higher commissions and bonuses

You will be able to make more sales in the long run because your affiliated tops will not go to another affiliate program where their efforts are more appreciated. You must “pamper” these affiliated tops, provide them with special compensation (for example an incentive to click to motivate them)

Publish a newsletter for affiliates

Your newsletter for affiliates will allow you to share your tips with them, and keep them in a good frame of mind. You can also use your newsletter to keep your affiliate tops enthusiastic about your program.

Some of the effective ways to do it:

  • Share what your top affiliates are doing to earn big commission checks.
  • Make their sites “a showcase” and say why their sites sell better.
  • List your 5 or 10 most lucrative affiliates of the month.
  • Challenge and reward the best

Trace the sales of your affiliates accurately

Your affiliates will suspect something if they send you customers and you do not credit their commissions. Your affiliate program will lose all credibility and you will end up losing your affiliates with word of mouth (especially on the forums)

Participate in forums specialized in affiliate, web marketing

Share your valuable advice and expertise with the members of the forums in which you participate. Include in your signature a banner or text that promotes your affiliate program, and always follow the rules of the forums you join.

Adapt the remuneration to your site

Indeed, the 3 available remunerations (click, form, and sale) are not suitable for all types of site. Opt for one or two good pay rather than wanting to offer everything.


Indeed, if you sell products at very low prices and / or your average basket is less than € 15, how do you want your program to be profitable (both for affiliates and for you)? Ditto, if you have a very strong geographical connotation or an unknown brand, it will be difficult to successfully impose your affiliate.

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